It seems that video clips are no longer the preserve of "You’ve Been Framed" as everyone and his brother is now posting them on social sites such as YouTube and MySpace.

However, getting your video clips from your mobile phone has always been a little tricky and getting them edited to just the funny bit even harder.

There are plenty of fully-fledged video editing suites on the market but in a bid to entice the online generation, X-oom has given its latest package the YouTube seal of approval.

It comes with a comprehensive array of video format support, including DivX, XviD, Real, MPEG2, MPEG4, WMV, 3GP, as well as Flash video, so whatever your preferred format you can make the most of it.

Most websites have decent upload functionality but you can choose to manage them all from within the software. This makes things easier but it does mean you’ll need to fill a couple of forms in allowing X-oom to be your video manager.

YouTube and similar sites are as much about consuming video as they are making it, so X-oom comes with a handy tool that allows you to download footage.

It’ll save it off in the most basic of formats, usually MPEG, so you can either share it with friends, or link it to your own site.

The final part of video is the copying functions, so you can burn clips to DVD or CD-Rs or to portable players. This wouldn’t be a piece of video editing software if it didn’t include support for the iPod, PSP or Windows 6.0 PDAs.

So far, everything sounds fine but the problems start when you use the software for any length of time. We found the interface was less than helpful. It’s on the basic side and isn’t that intuitive and we found it stalling for long periods of time even when we weren’t processing clips. When it came to the formats supported, you’ll need to do a fair bit of tweaking to get the best from them, as while the list is comprehensive, you’ll find that not all mobile phones, or PDAs for that matter, are natively covered.

If you were simply looking for a piece of software to load and use, we’d suggest checking with the website first, to make sure you’re covered.

Price when reviewed:

X-oom Internet Movies 3 YouTube Edition may be aimed at the online use but this isn’t the most comprehensive range of tools we’ve seen or used and doesn’t really offer anything new.

We’d suggest opting for a more fully-fledged video editing suite and learning to edit clips yourself, as it’s just as quick.