DivX Stash has been shown as a concept before, but Pocket-lint has learnt it will be entering a beta test phase soon, with a full roll-out due later in the year. We were also given a demonstration of Rovi's software running on Mac, iPhone and iPad during CES 2013 in Las Vegas, and we have to say it's looking good.

DivX Stash is a playlist creation tool for online video. Rovi has partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry, including YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, Ted and plenty of others, and plans to open talks with countless additional services.


The software - once installed in the form of applications on your multiple devices - allows you to "stash" a video by simply clicking a button that appears under the clip, and it then appears in your DivX Stash playlist. Simple.

You can then see that content appear instantly in your playlists across all devices. You can even sort them further into genres or sub-playlists which you name yourself and, as long as the video is not deleted from the original service, can stream them whenever you have an internet connection.

Of course, YouTube and sites like it offer playlist creation tools of their own, but this is a great and easy way to aggregate the content you like across many services. For example, pop videos from your favourite artist may appear on several sources because of exclusivity deals. Stash them, and you don't even have to know from where they originate.


The playlists are well presented too, especially on the iPad, where you get either a list in portrait mode or large thumbnails in landscape. All metadata from the sites is included, so you can see the full description for each clip.

The private beta program will be opening soon in order for Rovi to get customer feedback, to result in a streamlined product for launch. Pocket-lint will bring you more when that's fully under way.