To celebrate reaching one million customers for its TiVo service, Virgin Media commissioned an extremely limited edition gold version of its 1TB set-top-box. So limited, in fact, that there's only one in existance.

And, like with the vajazzled version of the box made in honour of The Only Way is Essex, Pocket-lint has managed to get its hands-on it long enough to take a batch of exclusive photos. 

The box itself has also been in the hands of a lucky couple from Bramcote in Nottinghamshire, Allan and Christine Ward, who, thanks to Virgin Media, got to meet their favourite celebrity, actor and ex-Spandau Ballet bassist Martin Kemp (Gold, get it?). He performed a celebrity install of their Virgin Media TiVo service at their home, and the Wards also got a brand new 3D TV to watch it on.

Looking at the gold box itself, while it's not exactly covered in the precious metal (rather, spray painted by experts) it's definitely a desirable colour scheme. We also put it up against the chrome VM TiVo remote that was created near the beginning of the service's introduction for VIPs and celebrities, and it fits right in.

It also brings back a few memories of yesteryear, as we'd swear blind that the sparkling finish is identical to the one adopted for the Golden Gamesmaster Joysticks in later series of the Channel 4 show from the Nineties. Originally, the joysticks were gold plated, but further down the line they were sprayed in gold car paint. Some walls in the Docklands probably still show the gold-rimmed sillouettes of Quickshot Pros - like games-oriented Banksy graffiti.

We digress though. Unfortunately, we couldn't actually plug the gold TiVo box into our cable service as it hadn't been set up for our account, so only got to play with the exterior, but from what we have seen, we reckon owners would lap up a limited run of these boxes should Virgin Media make them more widely available.

Virgin Media TiVo review

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