Virgin Media continues to extend its reach into new ways of consuming and controlling media, first Spotify and now remote control for your TiVo box.

The release of the currently Android only (although expect an iOS version) Virgin Media TV Guide app brings with it a means to record shows away from home. 

The app can control your TiVo box from your smartphone, allowing you to select a show and set it to record, or even create a series link to tape every episode. 


Android Market

Fire up the new app from Virgin Media and expect an interface not too dissimilar to that of your TiVo box at home. Channels can be grouped into favourites allowing you to keep up to date on exactly what you like watching and filter out the other channels you prefer to avoid.

For those unsure of exactly what they want to watch there is handy short programme synopses which will give you a rough idea of what you are about to record. For the purposes of this app of the day we decided to stick with quality daytime TV like Country House Rescue. Tap the show and you are then offered three different options: you can either text, email or record the programme. 

app of the day virgin media tv guide review android  image 7

Tap text for example and the TV Guide will switch to your phone's messaging app. This will then automatically create a text message with the time and channel of the show, telling whomever you send it to that it should be watched. 

The most useful bit of the app however, is of course being able to set your TiVO box to record away from home. Things are responsive and smooth, and there is little lag between the choice made on the app appearing on your TiVo box itself. You do (obviously) have to sign into your Virgin Media account before the app will start sending messages to the box, but other than that there is little else in the way of simply choosing and recording.

app of the day virgin media tv guide review android  image 2

Virgin Media has done a good job creating a snappy and straightforward way of recording shows on the go. Whilst it might initially seem a bit bare bones, the simple approach actually makes recording much easier, precisely what the app is intended to be used for. 

For those yet to give TiVo a go, we highly recommend it. The connected TV service essentially learns your viewing habits, automatically recording programmes it thinks you might like. Believe us, after a week or two of watching it will appear eerily intelligent. 

Like TiVo? We wan't to know!