We always like to provide you, the Pocket-lint loyal reader, with mobile phone apps that give decent longevity. However some apps are only meant to last for a blink of an eye, but in doing so hopefully prove super-useful, and this is just one of those.

For anyone hitting the V festival this weekend 21-22 August, you're most likely going to be partaking of the odd beverage or the like - and so you're probably not going to be in the best mental state. If this sounds likely, you may well need a helping hand finding your way around, so don your latest Nokia and download the rather helpful Virgin Media V Festival app.

Ovi Store

There's a bit of a social networky feel to this V Festival app, as part of its functionality is to let you get all the gossip and hype from Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube - meaning you'll never be short of someone else's take/view/opinion on festival proceedings.

app of the day virgin media v festival 2010 app nokia image 2

Not only this, but it'll also give you frequent updates on weather (which we hear is supposed to be heavy rain all weekend) and any traffic information (apparently severe delays around Chelmsford and South Staffordshire from Friday 20 August through to Monday 23rd).

app of the day virgin media v festival 2010 app nokia image 3

Once at the festival it'll give you all the info you could possibly want; from pinpointing your car, tent or your favourite V Festival landmark with the interactive map, to setting up a schedule so you don't miss out on your favourite band.

The app's free, so if you've got tickets and happen to be sporting a smart Nokia, make the most of the festival by downloading from the Ovi Store.