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Toshiba X97 Series OLED TV preview: High-end TV tech, but at what price?
Toshiba X97 Series OLED TV preview: High-end TV tech, but at what price? By Adrian Willings

Toshiba recently announced its re-entry into the European TV market with a series of televisions, the pinnacle of which is the 65-inch X97 OLED.Toshiba is pitching the new series of models as being "mid-market" - aimed at price-conscious but ambitious... Read more

Toshiba 5K 21:9 Super Wide Ultra HD TV concept is as big as its name (eyes-on)
Toshiba 5K 21:9 Super Wide Ultra HD TV concept is as big as its name (eyes-on) By Rik Henderson

On its IFA 2014 stand, Toshiba was demonstrating some proof of concept displays that could drive television technologies in the near future. One of which was the re-emergence of an idea Philips originally took a punt on over five years ago, a 21:9 telly... Read more

Toshiba 55L7453DB L7 Series LED TV pictures and hands-on
Toshiba 55L7453DB L7 Series LED TV pictures and hands-on By Rik Henderson

Toshiba has refreshed its L7 Series TV line-up for 2014 and Pocket-lint has seen a pre-production model in action prior to the release of the sets soon.Coming with the L74 designation - last year's range was L73 - there will be 42, 47 and 55-inch models... Read more

Toshiba Series 7 TVs announced for mid-2013: pictures and hands-on
Toshiba Series 7 TVs announced for mid-2013: pictures and hands-on By Mike Lowe

In addition to Toshiba's 4K Series 9 tellies, the company has unveiled a host of other new televisions for 2013, including its top-spec 1080p Series 7 models.Available in 40, 50 and 58-inch screen sizes the Series 7 TVs are a far cry from some of the... Read more

Toshiba 84-inch 4K Series 9 TV pictures and eyes-on
Toshiba 84-inch 4K Series 9 TV pictures and eyes-on By Mike Lowe

Ultra-High Definition 4K is slowly working its way into more and more consumer tech, and Toshiba's shown  its hand with the introduction of its Series 9 4K televisions. Pocket-lint went to check out the full range of the latest tellies, including the... Read more

Toshiba L9300 84-inch 4K UHDTV pictures and eyes-on
Toshiba L9300 84-inch 4K UHDTV pictures and eyes-on By Rik Henderson

When it comes to the next generation of TV display technology, Toshiba is right up there with the biggest brands. It has an 84-inch Ultra High-Definition TV set (4K) to compete with similar models from Samsung, LG, Sony and all. And Pocket-lint was invited... Read more

Toshiba 84-inch 4K television pictures and eyes-on
Toshiba 84-inch 4K television pictures and eyes-on By Hunter Skipworth

The television market is now starting to roll out 4K, and we are seeing quite a few 4K devices make an appearance at IFA this year. Toshiba has gone big, big, big, and this size really does make 4K look stunning because, despite being so massive, fine... Read more

Toshiba 40RL858
4.0 stars Toshiba 40RL858 By Jason Denwood

Toshiba doesn't actually manufacture the panels and tech inside its TVs, but this 40-incher provides yet more proof of why – as a brand – it continues to be one of the most popular around. One word: value. There's no sniff of absolute top quality... Read more

Toshiba 37UL863
3.5 stars Toshiba 37UL863 By Jason Denwood

Personal TV is here. Sort of. If you're the type of person who endlessly fiddles with a TV's settings mid-movie to howls of abuse from your co-habitees - largely to undo others' ruinous work, obviously - Toshiba's 37UL863 might just be the TV for you.Using... Read more

Toshiba 47VL863
4.0 stars Toshiba 47VL863 By Steve May

Toshiba deserves its reputation as a click-teaser. SED, Cell TV, Full-array LED: all mouth-watering TV technologies that it’s promised that have come to nought. But there is hope. This year the company appears determined to be cutting-edge and not just... Read more

Toshiba 55ZL2 eyes-on
Toshiba 55ZL2 eyes-on By Paul Lamkin

There's no doubt that Toshiba is fully committed to the glasses-free 3D revolution. Following the example set by its Qosmio spec-free laptop, the Japanese company used the IFA expo to announce the world’s first large-screen glasses-free 3D TV - the... Read more

Toshiba Regza 22DL833
3.5 stars Toshiba Regza 22DL833 By Chris Hall

Toshiba has long offered “combi” TVs, and in the 22DL833, Tosh manage to include a slot-loading DVD drive without bulking the set up too much. Sure, it won’t compete with the slick design of the latest high-end notebook, but the drive on the rear... Read more

Toshiba 32HL833B
3.5 stars Toshiba 32HL833B By Jamie Carter

Typical Toshiba. For years this enormous Japanese company has been taunting us with tales of its “Cell” or “Cevo” TV, with its exceptional high-end features and up to 10 TV tuners, then it hit us at January‘s CES with giant glasses-free 3DTV... Read more

Toshiba BDX3200
3.5 stars Toshiba BDX3200 By Jamie Carter

Normally we’d be all excited about 3D playback, but so far the capability to read 3D Blu-ray discs hardly seems to be a high-end add-on feature at all. Take this so-called “flagship” Blu-ray player from mainstream brand Toshiba; it costs only a... Read more

Toshiba BDX1200
3.0 stars Toshiba BDX1200 By Jamie Carter

Just on sale but with a web price already hovering around £100, this effort at Blu-ray from oft-value busting brand Toshiba may deal in 2D discs, but has an overall feel that’s oh so one-dimensional.The only supporter of the much more sensibly named,... Read more

Toshiba Places hands-on
Toshiba Places hands-on By Libby Plummer

Toshiba's 2011 TV lineup will include Toshiba Places - the brand's new cloud-based internet TV portal that's designed to share content across multiple devices such as TVs, tablets, and laptops. We managed to get a sneak preview of the service back in... Read more

Toshiba 56- and 65-inch glasses-free 3DTVs eyes-on
Toshiba 56- and 65-inch glasses-free 3DTVs eyes-on By Jamie Carter

Long before anyone expected, the era of glasses-free 3DTV is here. Although Toshiba had already announced 12-inch and 20-inch “no glasses” 3DTVs for the Japanese market, the appearance of 56-inch and 65-inch models at the CES has been something of... Read more

Toshiba 40VL758
4.0 stars Toshiba 40VL758 By Steve May

Toshiba has upped its game rather dramatically with its latest range of LED TVs. Produced in collaboration with the jolly Danes from Jacob Jensen Design, they are uniformly slim (this 40 incher is a mere 29mm deep) and well made. They’re also surprisingly... Read more

Toshiba 19DV714B
3.5 stars Toshiba 19DV714B By Jason Denwood

Built-in DVD players may have never caught on in the bigger screen sizes - where maximum slimness is imperative - but they do make a lot of sense in the bedroom. And that’s exactly where this chunky Toshiba telly is headed.Measuring 19 inches in diameter,... Read more

Toshiba SDP94DT
3.0 stars Toshiba SDP94DT By Jamie Carter

With the growing popularity of netbooks and portable video on smartphones, the portable DVD player has taken a back seat of late. Quite literally, with the humble portable DVD player now most often seen strapped to the back seats of cars full of kids.... Read more

Toshiba 32LV713 television
4.0 stars Toshiba 32LV713 television By Jason Denwood

Built-in Freeview HD may be all the rage in the flat TV world, but to millions of Brits it’s a complete waste of time. Many UK homes have either a Sky+HD or Virgin V+ box that already supply plenty of high definition channels, so Toshiba has relented... Read more

Toshiba Regza 37RV753B television
3.5 stars Toshiba Regza 37RV753B television By Chris Hall

Toshiba's Regza RV series offer an affordable television set, but lacks all the latest features you'll find on models higher up the range. The 37RV753B brings with it a Freeview HD tuner and the likes of DNLA-certified home networking, so represents a... Read more

Toshiba 26DV615D television
4.0 stars Toshiba 26DV615D television By Jason Denwood

The idea behind pairing a LCD TV with a DVD player seems obvious, but for some reason it’s never caught on beyond the budget brands. And while Toshiba does tend to be most successful at the "value" end of the market, it’s the only major brand we know... Read more

Toshiba BDX2000 Blu-ray player
3.5 stars Toshiba BDX2000 Blu-ray player By Jamie Carter

Like a Phoenix from the flames, Toshiba has at last put pride where it belongs and jumped on the Blu-ray bandwagon and we're glad it did.The loser in the Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD format war a few years ago, it's taken the Japanese giant almost 2 years to lick... Read more

Toshiba Regza 55SV685DB television
3.0 stars Toshiba Regza 55SV685DB television By Jamie Carter

A brand usually found in the lower echelons of the flatscreen TV market, Toshiba is making a bid for the big time with this huge LED screen. The trouble is, the 55SV685DB's very large price heaps on the pressure; is it much better than a 50-inch plasma,... Read more

Toshiba XDE-600 DVD player
4.5 stars Toshiba XDE-600 DVD player By Danny Phillips

Last year’s XDE-500, the first DVD player equipped with Toshiba’s eXtended Detail Enhancement (XDE) technology, certainly took upscaled picture quality to new heights, but a replacement for high-def it was not.Since then Toshiba has announced plans... Read more

Toshiba 37RV635D television
4.0 stars Toshiba 37RV635D television By Danny Phillips

When it comes to LCD TVs, Toshiba is one of the most dependable names in the business. From entry-level up to flagship, it has a canny knack of delivering feature-packed TVs at reasonable prices – and the company’s RV series looks to follow in that... Read more

Toshiba Regza 42ZV555DB television
3.5 stars Toshiba Regza 42ZV555DB television By Chris Hall

Toshiba of late have launched a number of products in which they have pushed the benefits of upscaling. We've seen this in notebooks, DVD players and now the introduction of Resolution+ in their ZV range of TVs. The claim is that this will upscale your... Read more

Toshiba XD-E500 upscaling DVD player
4.5 stars Toshiba XD-E500 upscaling DVD player By Stuart Miles

With the battle for Blu-ray and HD DVD over, Toshiba has changed its tack and launched a new upscaling DVD player, but does it have want to takes to recapture ground lost? We get watching to find out. The Toshiba XD-E500 is a black box with minimal fuss... Read more

Toshiba Regza 37XV505D television
3.0 stars Toshiba Regza 37XV505D television By Jamie Carter

Fast becoming the sweet spot in flatscreen TVs, 37-inch LCD TVs are rapidly being fitted with Full HD screens to show-off the most detail from Blu-ray and other high-def sources. Long known for its concentration on value for money, Toshiba’s latest... Read more

Toshiba Regza 40ZF355DB television
4.5 stars Toshiba Regza 40ZF355DB television By Stuart Miles

Televisions are getting thinner than your average supermodel, but does it really make a difference to your television viewing? We plonked ourselves on the sofa to find out. The Toshiba's main selling point to help it stand out from the crowd is that the... Read more

Toshiba Regza 32CV505D LCD television
4.0 stars Toshiba Regza 32CV505D LCD television By Chris Hall

Toshiba’s CV series of LCD TVs aim to offer a high specs without blowing the bank and are available in 32-, 37- and 42-inch. But have they succeeded? We grabbed some time on the sofa with the 32-incher to find out. The gloss black surround certainly... Read more

Toshiba Regza C-series 32-inch television (32C3030DB)
4.0 stars Toshiba Regza C-series 32-inch television (32C3030DB) By Paul Lester

The new Regza C-series from Toshiba, available in 32-inch and 37-inch and 42-inch sizes, aims to bring more weight to LCD's case as the current flatscreen technology of choice. The 32-inch screen we have on test is a nice enough looking unit, with a swivel... Read more

Toshiba HD-XE1 HD DVD player
4.0 stars Toshiba HD-XE1 HD DVD player By Stuart Miles

The world might be slowly bowing towards Blu-ray, but that hasn't stopped Toshiba releasing its second HD DVD player in the UK. This time it’s the company's flagship model, the HD-XE1. But is it any good? We take a closer look. The HD-XE1 is the company... Read more

Toshiba HD-E1 HD DVD player
4.0 stars Toshiba HD-E1 HD DVD player By Stuart Miles

2007 is going to be the year of high definition, or so we are told, and with that, Toshiba has finally waded in with two players in the UK that are capable of playing back its next generation HD DVD discs. Although this is the first generation of players... Read more

Toshiba 32WLT68 Regza LCD television
4.5 stars Toshiba 32WLT68 Regza LCD television By Stuart Miles

With the price of LCD televisions coming down, there is no better time to get a flat screen addition to your living room. Of course the gadget child within you wants you to get a massive 40-inch plus model, but your living room might not be able to take... Read more

Toshiba ET20 home cinema projector
4.0 stars Toshiba ET20 home cinema projector By Paul Lester

The Toshiba ET20 introduces a couple of fairly new concepts to the home projector market, both of which are designed to improve the quality and convenience for home cinema users. First up the ET20 includes its own built-in DVD player with full DVD controls,... Read more

Toshiba SD-360 DVD player
3.0 stars Toshiba SD-360 DVD player By Stuart Miles

So you've got your snazzy new HD-Ready television but as of yet nothing HD to watch on it yet. While the SD-360 from Toshiba won't offer you HD-DVD quality images found on the next generation formats, it does promise to help you get the most from your... Read more

Toshiba 32WLT66 HD ready LCD television
4.0 stars Toshiba 32WLT66 HD ready LCD television By Stuart Miles

Toshiba's latest HD Ready Picture Frame LCD TVs stand out from the crowd by offering two HDMI inputs and an integrated digital tuner for access to over 30 extra Freeview channels. Offering a sharp black design rather than the previous customary grey,... Read more

Toshiba SD-P2800 portable DVD player
4.0 stars Toshiba SD-P2800 portable DVD player By Stuart Miles

While the portable DVD market has mostly been replaced with business users using their laptops, Toshiba still believes that people want to watch DVDs on the go with a dedicated player. It’s an idea that certainly makes sense, the SD-P2800 offers 4.5... Read more

Toshiba TDP-MT200 DLP Projector
4.0 stars Toshiba TDP-MT200 DLP Projector By Stuart Miles

With Projectors becoming more and more affordable, the option of owning one for footie matches and movie nights is becoming a reality. Toshiba has produced the MT200 a budget model, to suit the middle market. But can it deliver? The MT200 is all about... Read more

Toshiba ET1
4.5 stars Toshiba ET1 By Stuart Miles

Until recently the idea of replacing the large television in the corner of the room with a projector has always been a fantasy, but with prices of projectors coming down in price and the technology getting better however the chance to rid yourself of... Read more