For those wanting the portability of a portable DVD player but not the cost that goes with it, Sony has long since offered an interesting alternative. Its latest version has honed that design and offering into something of a strange beast.

Looking like some psychedelic retro Austin Powers prop the Picot DVP-PQ2 DVD player is not your average 17" dvd box that sits comfortably in your television stand. Instead it is circular in design and has room to be decorated to fit in with your home décor.

For those not fussed about looks the DVD gives a comprehensive offering to the average notice DVD viewer with most controls on the included remote. In addition to playing DVDs the Picot can also play MP3 discs, Audio CDs, S-VCDs and DVD-RWs too boot. Connection to your television is via Phono or S-Video and for the noise conscious there is a headphone jack and separate volume control on the box.

Price when reviewed:

In truth this is a standard Sony DVD players guts with a funky outside and users familiar with the Sony DVD menu system will feel right at home. However unless you are all about style this player can come across as awkward. Awkward in where you would want to put it and awkward in the way you would use it. The ability to replace the front cover with your own design is a fun idea but one that will last for about 2 seconds before you disregard it to simply reveal the grey mesh behind it. Fun and groovy but very impractical.