(Pocket-lint) - Sony's newly-announced, ultra-thin 4K TV is insane.

First of all: it's just 4.9mm thick at its thinnest point. The company noted at CES 2015 that the new Bravia X900C is slimmer than its own Xperia flagship smartphone. For reals. But don't be fooled, as the TV is wider in the middle (sort of like Apple's latest iMacs). That said, when you look at it from the side, the screen still looks razor-thin at less than 1/5 of an inch thick.

We went hands-on with the skinny TV and got to see its 8 million pixels working in over time. Needless to say...it was absolutely gorgeous. Apart from the vivid pictures and accurate colours, we were blown away by the software running the set. Sony announced that it made the switch to Android TV, meaning Google's OS now powers the Bravia line.


Not only can you access the Google Play Store, but you can also utilise voice commands. A Sony representative demonstrated how that works while using Sony's One-Flick touchpad remote. He quickly spoke into the remote, saying only the name "Gary Busey", and within seconds we were able to browse the actor's movies via Google Play, video clips via YouTube, and more.

We really enjoyed playing with Android TV on the new set. We also liked the TV's slick design that Sony described as "floating". Let's just say everything was awesome - and fast. Sony's new 4K Processor X1 powers the whole thing, and according to the company, allows for improved colour, clarity, and contrast while also enhancing 4K content streams.

Sony’s fresh line of Bravia 4K sets, which includes the 55-inch and 65-inch Bravia X900C, are set to launch this year. No word yet on pricing, but expect it to fall somewhere between expensive and mega expensive.

Writing by Elyse Betters.
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