(Pocket-lint) - Sony might be accused of following the flock with the announcement of its Bravia S990A curved television, but this 65-inch giant isn't OLED like its LG and Samsung rivals - it's LED.

Well, it sort of is and sort of isn't. Technically it's LCD with LED edge-lighting to brighten up the picture, just in the same was as its existing line of Bravia tellies, such as the KDL-55HX853 model.

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And that's good news as it's likely to mean excellent picture quality. In the controlled conditions of the Sony stand at the IFA electronics trade show in Berlin it wasn't possible to look at anything under the darkest of low-light conditions, but it still looked punchy to the eye.


Yes, the curved design might be an achievement by the engineers at Sony, but the curve is so subtle that, front-on, you would barely notice it. But this design comes at the expense of size - the S990A isn't a slim, trim set, it's a chunky, bulky thing when looked at from the side. And you can forget about wall mounting.

Elsewhere the design does look very swanky. But we just don't get this whole curved TV fad. It's pointless unless we're talking about true cinema scale - and despite being more than sizeable at 65-inches, that's just not the case here.

Fun, good-looking, but another tele-visual oddity in our minds. If that's your kind of thing then the Sony Bravia S990A is available for pre-order now for $4,000 in the US, available October.

Writing by Mike Lowe.