Sony might be bringing 4K to the mainstream this year with its flagship X900, but the real product we want sitting in our living room is the 56-inch 4K OLED TV.

Unveiled at Sony's press conference at CES, the stunningly beautiful screen boasts a picture quality quite unlike anything we have seen before. 

We were shown a looping image of Rio carnival, which we have visited in real life, and the TV set managed to outdo even the vibrancy of the live event.

The picture was almost hyper-real, as vibrant as you would expect OLED to be but with more clarity than you can imagine any display to be capable of.

Being just 56-inch, it isn't quite as jaw-droppingly big as some of the larger 4K sets, but the OLED tech ensures that doesn't matter.

Sadly the Sony was placed well out of arm's reach, so we couldn't play or snap much more than the display itself. Trust us when we say though, it impresses. 

It might just be a prototype, but we want Sony to build this one and fast. Won't be cheap though.