Sky announced its line-up of football club remote controls last week and now we've had a chance to see them in action.

We're nearing the end of one of the most exciting Premiership seasons in recent memory, with three teams still in with a realistic chance of the title and European places to play for, and Sky has a Sky+ HD remote for almost all of the clubs in the thick of it. And Newcastle.


Potential champions Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City each have a dedicated remote control. And the battle for fourth and the final European Champions League spot for the next year is represented by remotes for Arsenal, Everton and Tottenham Hotspur. They all wear their team's colours with pride and are adorned with the club crest at the bottom.

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Apart from that, they work the same as any conventional Sky+ HD remote control. So they'll happily rewind the action to before your team let in a goal, but sadly can't change the outcome itself.


They might help influence the score though if you're superstitious like us. For example, we always drink out of our favourite club's official mug on match days. And wear socks of the team's colour. And paint the cat. And change the front doorbell to only play "You'll Never Walk Alone" for the preceding 24 hours (not that we're giving away our own particular club allegiance, of course). Although, to be fair, when we write it like that, it seems a bit silly really.

The Football Club Sky+ HD Remote Controls are available for £29.99 each plus £2 postage and packaging from the Sky shop at