Sky has rolled out quite a significant update to its iPad app, giving owners of Sky+ HD boxes the ability to control them by remote using their iPad. It might be a simple tweak but this is one update we know Sky subscribers have been waiting for, Pocket-lint included.

With our iPad updated and ready to go, we fired up the Sky box and got to changing channels. So how does it handle?

Once you are signed in to Sky with your Sky ID, the app will ask if you want to connect it with your Sky+ box. Do this and a navigation icon should appear on the top right of the Sky+ app screen. Tap it and you're away.

Control is very straightforward. All you need do is make a single tap to play or pause Sky playback, or you can swipe left to rewind, right to go forward and up and down will change channel. Add another finger into the mix and you can do things like rewind at 30x speed or jump genres by swiping up or down. A two-finger tap will stop playback altogether.

The app seems to sync almost instantly with your Sky+ HD box and is responsive enough that it can replace a remote control. It would be nice to see more functionality, like the ability to control volume or enter a specific channel number, but this is definitely a step in the right direction. It already translates to one less remote on the coffee table and this is no bad thing.

The app itself has also had quite a significant update in terms of design. Tapping the Sky logo at the top will give you options such as TV Guide and Planner. The latter can be managed as you would your conventional Sky+ HD box, but using your iPad means it doesn't interrupt playback on the TV.

Still to come this year is Zeebox second screen functionality built into the app. This means you can view social media reactions to shows using the app while watching them.

All in all a good update and another step towards making Sky's app set-up even better. We definitely like the layout and the remote control is great. The more functionality the better though, and the remote app in particular could benefit from added Sky+ control.

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