Sky has released an Android version of its Sky Go app allowing some Android smartphone owners to turn their phone in to TV. We've grabbed a Samsung Galaxy S II downloaded the app, and plugged in our details to check it out.

Sky Go Android is free, the download weighs in at about 2.8MB, and should take you just seconds to download and install. On start up all you've got to do is add your Sky Go details and you're in and ready to watch.

Sky allow Sky users to sign up two devices to the Sky Go service so if you've already got your Xbox 360 and your iPad signed in you'll have to decide which one gets the boot so you can watch it on your phone. You can only change them monthly. 

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Like Sky Go for iOS, the first page you are presented with is a the channel categories (All, Entertainment, Sports, Movies, News, and Lifestlye) and these break down the relevant Sky channels into different pots.

New to the Sky Go eco system is Sky 1, Sky Living, and Sky Arts 1, and these sit alongside the Sky Sports channels, Sky movie channels, Sky News, and ESPN. You also have access to Sky Atlantic.

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The app does of course allow you to see the channel listings, and more information about the show you want to watch. Once you've decided, simply press the play button to begin. As with the iOS version of the app for iPad and iPhone, the stream starts instantly with the quality improving or decreasing depending on your bandwidth. In our play on our standard Wi-Fi connection the picture quality is perfect within a matter of seconds. You can stream over 3G as well but be careful not to do this unless you have the data package to match. 

However disappointingly here you can't pause or skip back in the stream like your Apple touting Sky Go using friends can. For the time being, it is live streaming on, and that's unlikely to change according to Sky who have told Pocket-lint that:

"We’ve been able to develop a pause and scrollback feature on Sky Go thanks to iOS platform functionality, which unfortunately does not exist on the Android platform. We are looking into adding it for future releases but cannot currently confirm a date for this."

There is also no Anytime+ support at the moment although Sky has confirmed to Pocket-lint that it does plan to add that for Android users later in the year.

In use and the app is really simple to use and really enjoyable to use as well if you are planning on watching that Sky movie away from your TV.

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We are surprised that there is no pause functionality and by the lack of Anytime+ support even though the iPad and iPhone version already has them. Still beggars can't be choosers and an Android app is better than no Android app right?

The good news is, is that Sky are aware of the limitations and have told us they are already working to fix them.

In the meantime you get an app that will be great for those moments where you really just fancy curling up in bed to finish watching the movie you've got stuck into. Just don't expect the app to do much more beyond that for the time being.