On Monday, Sky announced that it would be bringing ITV's catch-up service, ITV Player, to its Anytime+ service on Sky boxes. And true to its word, the company has done just that. But what's it like? Pocket-lint has checked out the new offering...

If you thought that the deal would mean a flashy new interface for Sky, or massive amounts of branding for ITV across Sky's Electronic Programme Guide (EPG), think again.

ITV Player is currently buried in the Sky Anytime menu under the Channels section of Anytime+, next to other offerings from channels like Sky and Watch. Selecting the new ITV Player option in the menu gives you a list of ITV programmes in a same "All" list menu system Sky customers will be familiar with. And, our box hasn't even made any effort to "picture" feature the options.

Around 20 shows are currently listed with some of those offering the whole series - as with Cold Feet and Series 1, for example.

Select what you want, press record and the Sky Anytime+ service does what it always does - starts the download and then notifies you when it is ready to watch.

Not very sexy, but it does stay in-keeping with the current offering rather than introducing something new, and does mean you can now catch up on your favourite ITV shows in the future.

What will be interesting is if the BBC will be happy to opt for the same approach with the iPlayer when it launches in the next couple of months. It's been particularly protective over its brand identity in the past, so we're not so sure.

Sky Anytime+ review