Sky Go was officially born on 8 July, when its Mac and PC platforms went live, but this is the launch that all the fanboys have been waiting for - its arrival into the App Store.

But should you download the free app, and sign up for a subscription, or merely not bother? We've downloaded the new app so you don't have to bother to find out what it's all about, what channels you get, and whether it means you can ditch your multi-room subscription for your bedroom.

Read on to find out. 

Sky Go

iPad and iPhone

It's clear that Sky is taking the tablet and smartphone revolution very seriously. Its Sky News app, released back in March, impressed us greatly and initial impressions of the iPad version of Sky Go are equally as striking.

Like the Sky News app, you don't just get access to live feeds of programmes - you've also got control over them with pause and rewind functions thanks to the buffer in place.

Flicking between channels is nice as well, as you're presented with an EPG and a mini TV - much like you get with Sky HD in your living room - so you can carry on watching something whilst you look for something better although with only a handful of channels to being with that doesn't take too long.

app of the day sky go ios  image 3

By sticking the little black hobby box in your bedroom you can go multi-room with your Sky, without paying extra for the privilege - yes we know you don't get all the channels but you get a selection of premium ones. HDMI out via the iPad 2 isn't supported, however.

In terms of content the iOS version of the app has launched with Sky Movies Premiere, Showcase, Action, and Family, Sky News, Sky Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Sky Sports News and ESPN with the promise of further channels to be added over time.

Quality wise the streams are very good, buffering to make the most of your connect to being with. That will mean a couple of seconds of fuzzy imagery while it catches up but after that you're good to watch as if you were on a small TV - which you kind of are.

The app itself is free, and if you've already got a Sky subscription then you can access Sky Go on two registered devices without paying a penny.

Non Sky customers will also be able to sign up to Sky Go. However, they will have to pay a subscription fee with packages starting at £15 per month.