We all like big don't we, big cars, big houses, so why not big TVs? Well that's what Samsung is hoping with its whopping 52-inch LCD television as apart of its Bordeaux range. But does it impress? We get watching to find out.

First off, lets just let you know we have an average size Victorian home. Our living room isn't small, but it's not massive either. Install the 52-inch monster, and as you can imagine it doesn't just dominate the room, it takes it over. 52-inches corner to corner is one big mumma and it stands almost 5ft off the ground once on our regular sized TV stand.

For the purpose of this review, we'll take it as granted that you have a bigger lounge than us. A good way to check if your living room is big enough is if you've got 6ft of space between you and where you would put this television you have if you are watching 1080p quality footage and 16ft of space if you are watching 480p or regular SD footage. Why 6ft as the minimum? No it's not for your coffin after Mrs Pocket-lint has killed you for installing something this large (tell her she can watch EastEnders) but because that is deemed by many to be the optimal viewing distance to get the most out of the screen for those resolutions.

Size aside, the M87 is packed with features and oozes style from all corners. While the design includes speakers, you won't see them as they've been neatly hidden away tucked out of view. In fact, all controls apart from the on/standby switch have been hidden away out of sight. Easily accessible (they are on the side) you get usual access to the controls, however the television is mainly controlled via the remote control.

Around the back there are a plethora of connections available including two HDMI slots for connecting your PS3, Blu-ray, HD DVD or regular DVD player among things and there is a further HDMI slot on the side for connecting stuff like a HD Camcorder or anything else you can think of.

For the not so future connected, there is also component connectors, Scart sockets, S-Video and coaxial. New to Samsung televisions is the inclusion of a Freeview tuner that means you will be ready for the digital switchover when it comes to your area from the end of the year. Connector-wise the only thing missing from this model over previous outings is a memory card reader, but then do you really care? We don't.


The M87 is a very good television let down by non-HD quality signals (something out of its control to be fair). If you don't watch too much regular television (programmes like Friends was really bad for example) then this won't be a problem, however if you buying this model to get bigger than life sized images of EastEnders or Corrie, prepare to be disappointed.