Samsung has announced the launch of a new flagship television, the ES9000, that measures in at 75-inches.

"The definition qualities greatly improve in clearness, contrast and brightness by adopting Diamond Black Panel to provide best visual qualities in the ultra-sized screen," says Samsung on the new model, which will come in a rose gold colour rather than boring silver.

The new television showed off at the John Lewis Christmas party in London yesterday for Pocket-lint to get a gander, will sport a 7.9mm thick bezel around the edge of the HD screen and pack all the usual Smart TV features we've come to know and love from the TV company.

That means apps, a webcam for video conferencing, face recognition and Samsung's gesture control among other things.

In the flesh, the 75-incher looks stunning. The size not only takes your breath away, but the vibrancy and clarity of the images is also very impressive. Of course, we were watching demo footage, so we can't judge how well it will cope with an episode of EastEnders.

Samsung has also been wonderfully attentive to the design. The miniscule bezel means this Minster television is all about the screen.

The pop-up camera on the top means the design stays clean: simply pop the camera out if and when you want it.

Samsung confirmed to us that the 75-inch Full HD model would be the largest the company would offer in the UK this year. No word from John Lewis as to when it will be available in the UK officially, but considering it was shown as part of the company's Christmas line-up we would expect it to appear in store before Christmas.