Samsung's 55-inch Super OLED TV quite rightly grabbed the CES headlines but the Korean company also used this year's Vegas expo to go live with its "ultra-slim bezel" range with the Samsung UNES8000 leading the way.

The edge lit LED line ranges in size from 46 to 65-inches and packs a dual core CPU to take care of its apps and also packs an integrated camera and microphone for "Smart Interaction". The idea is that you can simply control your TV with commands and gestures.

Smart Interaction lets viewers communicate with their TVs using voice control, motion control and also features face recognition so it will know the sort of apps and content you want on display.


Robert King, head of Consumer Electronics, Samsung UK and Ireland, said: "The TV is the heart of our homes and is the central device that connects our family at the end of a long day.

"For Samsung, this means providing the future of Smart TV now through new TVs that recognise and respond to you, connect your family in and out of the home, and offer amazing new content options personalised to your lifestyle and needs.

"Our research shows that consumer interest in Smart TV is at 81 per cent so to extend the new TV experience and equip families with future technologies, Samsung has created the ability to scale up your TV each year, ensuring the best ‘new TV’ experience for years to come."

No word on pricing or release dates yet - we'll let you know once there is.