Samsung's C9000 supremely high-end LED TV came with a fantastic remote control that even allowed you to watch TV on it in a different room. However, it didn't allow you to watch a different channel to the one that was being watched on the television. The company has rectified that, and added a whole bundle of new features to its RMC30D Touch Control TV remote this time around, and we have to say that we're very impressed.

It is, essentially, like getting an iPhone or Galaxy Player in the box, as the new remote will be bundled with all of Samsung's crazily thin bezelled D8000 LED TVs. It'll also be available to buy as an extra for those who would rather opt for a step-down model in the Korean manufacturer's 2011 Smart TV range.


As the device uses Wi-Fi, it pairs with your Samsung TV and you can then take it around the house with you. It doesn't need line-of sight or a separate IR or RF box to be set-up. And this is important for one of its most fun features: TV playback.

Yep, the RMC30D is a mini TV as well as a remote control. It can also use a second tuner inside your Sammy set, so you can watch a separate channel to one being viewed on the main screen. And you can wander about the house with it, if you choose.

It can also control and playback DLNA content from anywhere on your home network (through the TV's processor), so you can watch a movie stored on a PC elsewhere, or play music like a housebound iPod.

The screen is a 3-incher so, admittedly, pictures will be tiny. But it's no worse than watching a show on an iPhone, for example. And, of course, its control options (the primary reason for its exsistance) are plentiful.

We particularly like its trackpad style control over the new TV range's Smart Hub - the portal for apps, video, DLNA and web content. You just swipe your way around the screen. And while it's a different style of operability to LG's magic wand pointer, for example, it is no less effective. It's certainly a darn sight easier to navigate the web with the RMC30D than the conventional remote that accompanies this year's models.


Plus, as the screen sports a full QWERTY keyboard, when necessary, it makes using the search functionality on the sets far easier than with the normal text messaging style numeric keypad entry system of old.

Samsung Galaxy device owners can also, along with those with iPhone and Android handsets, download an application that will essentially give them all of the same control functionality, although none of the second TV options.

There's currently no price for the RMC30D, but it is expected to arrive in the UK in Spring, along with the new D7000 and D8000 3D LED TVs.