Like your movies on the go? Then Philips believes it has the answer with the Philips DCP951, a tablet designed portable DVD player with a sliding iPod cradle. So will it entertain you on the go? We get watching to find out.

The Philips DCP951 is top of the pile of three new portable DVD players launched by Philips. The design, like other Philips home entertainment products, is glossy black with the 9-inch 16:9 ratio screen taking centre stage.

Beneath the screen are a number of shortcut keys for controlling DVD playback - play, pause and skip - and these are set in the speaker panel which offers a slightly tinny rather than bassy sound.

DVDs are loaded in the back and the player has a rather flimsy kick-out stand so you can perch it in a desk and watch movies.

The top and the sides hold further features and secrets including AV in, AV out and dual headphone sockets (so you can share the movie with a partner/friend/companion) as well as a SD card slot so you can view images from your camera directly on the screen.

Buttons on the top allow you to open the DVD player, change the source output as well as changing the display from 16:9 to 4:3.

The final button you'll find is to eject the iPod docking station which slides out the side like one of those under-the-bed drawers.

The slot reveals a caddy suitable for an iPod nano, iPod touch and iPod classic (you'll get the usual array of trays to ensure a snug fit) although not the iPhone and once you've inserted the MP3 player into the draw you can then close it out of sight.

Once connected you can charge your Apple music box as long as you've got the DVD player connected to the power and although you don't get control over the video or image files you do have control over the music files via the included remote control turning the DCP951 into a mini jukebox.

The remote gives you all the controls you would need if you are feeling lazy and better still is designed to live in the iPod drawer when not in use, so you've got it with you all the time.

In tests the player performed well with the suggested 2.5 hours battery life living up to its claims when playing a DVD. The screen is good, however, not fantastic and it's certainly not going to replace your television any time soon. This is about catching movies on the go rather than Blu-ray quality watching, but that's what portable DVD players are all about.


At £199.99 the Philips DCP951 offers plenty of ways to get your moviewatching fix be it via a DVD, via a DivX file on an SD card, AV or the iPod.

Grumbles? The build quality isn't that great. The iPod docking cradle was a bit flimsy sliding in and out and the kick stand is likely to get broken in a matter of weeks rather than months.

That said, if you are looking for a portable DVD player with plenty of extras this will fit the bill.