The Philips Wireless TV Link is a device that allows you to transmit up to four devices including television, DVD, video or satellite signals from your main television to any other TV in your house without clogging up your house with wires.

Have you ever wanted to watch a good movie on satellite in the lounge but also wanted to go to bed? This device makes it possible. Simply turn on the device on in the bedroom and away you go.

Both Sky and cable companies offer the chance of allowing you to have sky or cable in different rooms, however both will want to charge you extra for the privilege. There have also been devices similar to this in the past but none that offer the wireless option. This system will allow you to connect up to four devices instead of just your Sky box and control them all via remote control even though you aren't in the same room.


As with most wireless devices the notion that these things will work through walls and floors always amazes us. The Philips Wireless TV Link VL1400 was no different. Plugging in the base station to our main television and the satellite unit to our TV in the bedroom was a piece of cake. Within minutes we were watching DVDs, satellite TV and videos all from the comfort of the bed without having any of the boxes clogging up the dressing table.