Today’s App of the Day on Pocket-lint is not one that will stay on your mobile for very long but, then, nor do many in this day and age. So, if you’re thinking about buying yourself a nice, new piece of kit - and we hope to be hearing a lot of yeses here - then you might want your downloading fingers at the ready.

Philips TV buying guide

Android & iOS

Philips does seem to like releasing apps and the latest from the Royal Dutch collection is a piece of AR gimmickry that actually turns out to have something quite useful about it. It’s all about deciding which TV is the right one to buy for that space you’re lining up in that room in your house.

The trick is one we’re all quite used to by now. Print yourself off a black and white marker, from the Philips website, onto a piece of A4 paper, stick it to the wall or wherever it is that you’d like to put your new TV, open the app and then watch as an augmented reality image of the thing pops up on your mobile screen. Why is this important? Well, it’s very easy to buy something that’s either way too small or even - yes, it can happen - something that’s way too big. You might like the idea of 58-inch TV but if it’s twice the size of anything else in you house, it might look a little strange.

The app is actually quite well designed in that there are plenty of options to choose from. You can flick all the way through the different sizes that Phillips offers from 22-inch up to the biggest of 50-inch screens. You can add in how far away you intend to sit as well as whether you’d like to see what the Amibilight effect might look like; whether a TV stand would suit or if wall mounting is your best bet. Throw in an idea of budget and perhaps the odd feature that’s a must and, hey presto, the app will tell you which telly is the one to go for and even offer a click through to your local dealer.

Obviously, AR in this fashion is a rather clunky affair and the app isn’t going to give you precise measurements of how the panel might fit, but it does bring a surprisingly decent idea of, at the very least, how the different sizes will suit.

Naturally, the downside is that it’s only Philips TVs you’ll hear about but you could always go and buy a different brand once you know which is the screen dimension you’re after.

Worthwhile if you’re in the market and good for a quick pipe dream if you’re not.

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