(Pocket-lint) - We're big fans of The Walking Dead here on Pocket-lint, the original Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard comic books and the TV series. And we were already fizzing with excitement that season five is almost on us, starting in the US on 12 October and screening on Fox in the UK a day later.

Now we've been whipped up in even more of a frenzy thanks to Now TV's cunning idea to make a special edition Now TV box to commemorate the return of the show and the fact that it is offering all of the previous four seasons on demand through the internet-connected service.


As part of the Entertainment Month Pass, Now TV subscribers will be able to watch every episode of The Walking Dead streamed to pretty much any device they like, including the dedicated set-top-box. Plus, all of the new episodes will be available to watch live and on catch up through the video streaming platform.

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As an added extra, the Now TV team have also created a bespoke Brain Food Popcorn Bowl - a tub of flavoured popcorn designed to look like the face of a walker. You can happily munch away on the strawberry popcorn "brains" whilst watching the show.


Unfortunately, neither the special Walking Dead Now TV box, its suitably adorned remote, nor the Popcorn Bowl will be available to buy. However, Sky and Now TV plan to give them away as competition prizes over the coming weeks. Make sure you follow @NowTV on Twitter to find out more details as they appear.

The Walking Dead seasons one to three are currently available on Now TV with season four to be available from 1 October.

A Now TV Entertainment Pass currently costs £4.99 a month but will rise to £6.99 a month from 16 October. Competition winners who do get their hands on The Walking Dead goodies will also get a one month pass for free.

Now we're off to eat some braaaiiiinnnsss!!!

Writing by Rik Henderson.