If you want to watch DVD movies on the move, there are an ever-increasing number of ways but the most cost-effective remains a portable DVD player.

The LG DP271 has been designed to be an entry-level model and with a price of just £100 (inc. VAT), it offers great value for money. It makes no attempts at being anything other than a no-frills device.

The device has a fold out and twist screen, which is great if you want to stand it on a table on a train, as it can support itself. Or if you want to attach it to the back of a car seat to amuse the children, it's equally as usable.

Controls are basic, but this makes it easy to use by even the smallest member of your family. It has a 7-inch screen that delivers a resolution of 480 x 234 pixels. DVD playback quality is decent for the price but sound quality is poor from the built-in speakers.

Along with a mains charger it also ships with a cigarette lighter charger so it can be used in the car. When it came to battery life, LG claims you'll get close to 3.5 hours from a full charge. We came close to this, with 3 hours and 15 minutes being the longest it ran for.

The DP271 supports DivX, MP3, JPEG and WMA files but we had trouble getting anything to play from a USB memory stick plugged in. Burning files to DVD and playing them this way proved more successful.

Price when reviewed:

The LG DP271 isn't the most sophisticated DVD player on the market but at a budget price, it's an entry-level device that delivers reasonable quality at a realistic price.