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(Pocket-lint) - Take one part LG OLED TV, mix in a healthy dollop of Bang & Olufsen design and this is the result: the BeoVision Eclipse. This is the result of a collaboration between LG and B&O and it's a staggering result. 

This partnership was first announced in early-2016 and the "first collaborative effort" was revealed on the show floor at IFA 2017. High-end TVs offering quirky and lavish designs are no new thing, but the BeoVision Eclipse has a little more to offer, thanks to serious LG pedigree in that display.

B&O BeoVision Eclipse preview: Design

  • 55- or 65-inch sizes
  • Choice of soundbar cover colours
  • Motorised mounting options 

B&O takes LG's OLED panel (in 55- or 65-inch sizes) and wraps it in a bold aluminium soundbar, with a bottom panel finished in glossy black to underline the striking lines of this TV. That bottom panel is designed to perfectly match the screen when it's turned off, as this sound bar is designed to work with the TV as much as it's designed to work when the TV is off.

Pocket-lintBO BeoVision Eclipse image 5

There's as much attention to detail on the rear as there is on the front, with an aluminium sheet neatly framing things, very much like LG's OLED B7 picture-on-metal design. Only B&O has reconfigured the covering of the electronics that sit on the lower back, including channelling to hide all the cables, with that bold aluminium soundbar cutting through the centre. 

It's a big assemblage, but that's nothing strange for a BeoVision set, picking up the big speaker show and details like motorised stands (optional) to make this all the more dramatic. There's also a range of coloured covers for the soundbar, providing an additional degree of customisation.

Pocket-lintBo Beovision Eclipse image 9

There are two mounting options, the floor stand and the wall mount, with the remote letting you shift the angle of the TV, if you've open for motorisation. The idea is that you can have the TV flat against the wall, out of the way and move it into optimal viewing position when you want to watch it. 

LG's OLED TV's are already finished to a high standard, but this remixed TV jacks up the quality as only B&O can. The best thing about the Eclipse is that you're not only getting high-end design, but you're also getting one of the best TV experiences around. 

B&O BeoVision Eclipse preview: TV and user interface

  • 4K HDR OLED with Dolby Vision
  • WebOS 3.5 

The story behind this screen is rather more familiar. B&O told us that this is LG's latest panel and we've experienced great things from LG's recent OLED TVs. Take the detail in that 4K display, enhanced HDR skills and Dolby Vision, something that's rather more exclusive and promising to deliver top quality performance. 

Naturally, we didn't have time to spend too long watching this TV on the showfloor, but the familiar deep, deep, OLED blacks are perfectly evident as are the striking vibrant colours. But hit the custom remote (with instant access to Netflix and Amazon Video, naturally) and you'll see WebOS 3.5 spring to life.

Pocket-lintBo Beovision Eclipse image 11

That's a glorious thing, because sitting behind the lavish design of the BeoVision Eclipse is one of the most user-friendly TV interfaces you can get. From what we could see, it was just as you'd expect it to be, letting you flip through to connected services and switch your inputs with consummate ease. 

If nothing else, this partnership between B&O and LG ensures that you're getting a great TV and on that side of things, you're getting a system that's tried, tested and refined - as well as offering outstanding visual quality. 

B&O BeoVision Eclipse preview: Sound

  • 2 x 2.5-inch full range drivers
  • 3 x 4-inch mid-range
  • 1x 1-inch tweeter
  • 450 watts 

That soundbar is where B&O leverages its sound experience, packing six speakers each with an amplifier. The speakers are weighted toward the centre of the soundback to ensure that speech is boosted, but with full range drivers to the left and right, that should ensure that the sound stage is wide enough for immersive audio.

Pocket-lintBo Beovision Eclipse image 17

B&O makes no bones about claiming that this soundbar will outperform all others and can be paired with 8 speakers to make a B&O surround sound system for your room, with the soundbar acting as the centre speaker.

It's also multiroom compatible and fully ready for whatever wireless format you'd like to use, supporting not only Bluetooth, but also Chromecast, Apple AirPlay, DLNA and QPlay for China.

Pocket-lintBo Beovision Eclipse image 13

Sadly, we've not had the chance to experience the full tour de force of the Eclipse's sound system, but we don't doubt that it will be spectacular. 

But then we come to the price. The Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Eclipse will be available from September, with the 55-inch model with wall bracket priced at £8,290. The 65-inch equivalent will be £11,590.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 3 September 2017.