For a moment we thought we'd wandered out of IFA and into some duke's front room. And there, barely noticeable, among the classy furniture was the LG 55-inch Gallery OLED.

Immediately you notice how seamlessly the screen sits in the ornate frame thanks to its near non-existent bezel. The only giveaway really is just how ridiculously bright and rich in colour the images are. They look too vivid to be mistaken for a painting. That's thanks to the WRGB panel, which includes an extra white pixel in each cluster to enhance image performance and produce more vibrant colours. Great if you're using it as a TV, but maybe a little distracting and eye-grabbing as a painting replacement.

Because this is an OLED the viewing angles are excellent even when you're pinned to the wall looking at it side-on. As for the Canvas Speaker, a 2.2 system, it was nowhere to be seen hidden cunningly in that attractive frame. And if one frame isn't to your liking LG has plenty more to suite any lounge. Check the gallery below for every one on show at IFA.

The Gallery OLED, pre-loaded with art from the likes of Gauguin and van Gogh, will go on sale in Germany later this month before it is unleashed on the rest of the world.