In among the numerous handsets, old and new, that LG has scattered around its Mobile World Congress stand this year is a rather impressive tech demo - one that tips a nod at the possibility for home gaming in the future.

LG has a concept technology that allows it to wirelessly stream 4K Ultra High Definition content, it claims. And that includes gaming. At MWC, it has one of its new Ultra High Definition televisions set up, and a phone (Optimus G?) connected through the magic of Wi-Fi.

The tech uses Miracast at both ends of the transmission, but is very low-latency so allows footage to maintain a decent frame rate while ensuring that responsiveness is within acceptable levels for gaming. It also has a low power footprint to stop it being a massive drain on battery and processor - again, to the benefit of response times and playability.

From LG's spiel about the tech, it's hard to determine whether the footage is upscaled by the 4K TV or not, but we were definitely told that Shadowgun - the game we played - was running at 1080p. It was 4K on the telly, and you could tell by the astonishing amount of crispness that this made a difference.

The LG assistant who took us through the demo explained that the tech will come in use for 1080p video transmission too. However, we're more excited by the gaming potential. It could even render redundant standalone devices, such as OUYA and GameStick.

Don't expect to see it implemented in consumer products anytime soon, however.