LG used its CES 2013 press conference to unveil the US version of the 55-inch OLED TV it will be selling from March. Sitting pride of place on the main stage, the set - known as the 55EM9700 in Korea - will cost $12,000 (£7,455) when it hits stores in the US.

Pocket-lint was at the event to see with our own eyes what makes this, the first commercially available large-screen OLED TV, so special and it must be said that the first thing that strikes you is the vibrancy of the on-screen colours.


LG has added an extra pixel to the common combination of red, green and blue. There's now a pure white pixel in each WRGB grouping, which ensures that brightness and colour schemes are full of zing.

The other thing we were especially impressed by was the set's superthin waistline (4mm). Although we couldn't get completely around the set - we'll save that for when we look at it on the show floor when CES opens for real tomorrow - just viewing it at an obtuse angle makes it look like a picture hanging in mid air, with little tech behind.


This also revealed another extremely impressive feature, that the viewing angle for the images is incredible. Never did colours get muddy or the picture blur out, even when standing almost side-on.

We'll bring you more when firm UK details are announced - specifically price - but for now, have a gander at these pictures. They don't even do it full justice.