LG has unveiled its Ultra Definition 3D TV at CES 2012 which the company claims is the world's largest 4K2K set around in the added dimension.

At 84 inches, it's actually smaller than Sharp's 8K4K monster from IFA and features a lower pixel count (with a 4K2K resolution of 3840 x 2160), but the Sharp set wasn't compatible with 3D content.

The 3D technology itself is of the passive kind, which LG refers to as Cinema 3D, and it's seriously impressive to behold at such high resolution on such a large panel size. When the images pop you get a wonderful sense of the detail as it floats about in the air before your eyes. Despite having four times the pixel count to an ordinary HD set, however, that doesn't make all of the 3D rendering perfect.

The faster motion and some of the background images aren't up to the same level of detail from the demos that we saw but this might well be down as much to the source material as anything else. All the same, the difference between LG's normal HD 3D and the UD version is marked enough to make the upgrade tempting when it does come around and what really helps the 3D effect even further is the reduction of the bezel size down to just 1mm.


Beyond the picture itself, the UD TV will come fully loaded with LG Smart TV platform, and all the apps you can get with that, as well as the ability to control the depth of the 3D effect and something that LG refers to as 3D Sound Zooming which allows you to play with the soundscape too. The Magic Remote has also been updated to feature voice recognition as well as gesture control.

There's no word as to whether the 84-inch UD TV will arrive in the UK but it's expected to hit the US in the last quarter of 2012. While there's no 4K2K resolution broadcasts and programming to enjoy Stateside currently, the telly will upgrade and convert a 1080p signal. It's also expected that 4K2K Blu-rays will arrive in 2013.