When Pocket-lint was a kid, we weren't allowed to touch our TV. Our mum thought that the picture emitted radiation. But that still didn't stop us touching it to collect the static to give our sister a shock.

And, although that was fun, it's now not the most fun we've had touching a TV, as we've had a bash at LG's Pentouch TV PZ850T over at IFA.

lg pentouch tv pz850t pictures and hands on image 2

Well, we say touching - all the input is actually via a stylus, which connects to a USB dongle on your PC. The Pentouch plasma TV simply shows your computer's display on its big screen - but there's some software to make it look like a unique experience. Click the internet option though, and you'll see IE9 loading up, so it's not all good.

The software itself is fairly basic - we get the impression this is a work-in-progress. There's sketchbook, which Kevin Keegan would love and where the most fun is to be had; a photo editor, a diary, a gallery of your sketches and an office-suite.

lg pentouch tv pz850t pictures and hands on image 3

In Pentouch mode, you can access files created on their PCs and work on them, edit them, or move them around the screen. The TV supports simultaneous two-pen use, and batteries can be recharged through USB ports on the back of the TV unit.

It's easy enough to use, although those hoping that the Pentouch range will act like a big tablet will be a bit disappointed. The pens aren't too intuitive and the lag on input is highly noticeable. It feels a bit gimmicky if we're honest.

The LG PZ850T is available in 50-inch and 60-inch screen sizes and comes with all the usual bells and whistles that you would expect from LG, including 3 HDMI sockets, USB, etc.You’ll get two pens in the box. No word on prices as yet.