Some things in life are pretty much dead certs, unquestionable truths if you will: the sun rises and sets, throw a ball into the air and gravity will do its best to drag it back down to earth, the moon is made of cheese, and App Of The Day will bring joy and wonderment into your life.

And what wonderment indeed our chosen app doth bring, as it'll ensure the television remains at the centre of your life, even when out and about. So please stand up for Freeview HD.

Freeview HD


The Freeview HD app was originally named in order to promote the launch of, yes you guessed, its Freeview HD service, so if you're thinking that you'll need some swanky HD setup in order to appreciate this app - THEN DON'T.

app of the day freeview hd image 2

And as luck would have it Grand Union Communications Ltd, who make the app, has just announced an update. The update version 1.1 gives you all the existing functionality, like being able to select and sort specific programmes, "Now and Next" viewing and the "Top 10" channel list, but you can also share your favourite programmes with friends, access up to 10 day's worth of advance Freeview listings, whilst a programme reminder will alert you to your favourite shows.

And it just gets better and better, as it'll allow for offline viewing and give alternative dates/times for TV that you've missed.

So not only will this give info on HD channels you might want to watch, but it makes for a very handy allround tool for keeping abreast of telly in general - and best of all it's free.