(Pocket-lint) - Let's face it, no matter how good your phone's battery is, the chances are come about 8pm you are running on vapour, especially if you've had a busy day.

There are plenty of mobile portable chargers on the market that range from giving you just enough juice to make that last call home, to providing you with a big enough power source to last you for a two week camping trip in the Alps.

The Elgato Smart Power sits somewhere in between, but offers something much more interesting, and from a portable charger, something we've never seen before.


This might sound over the top, it's a portable charger after all, but the Elgato Smart Power features Bluetooth 4.0 Smart so you can connect your phone to it and see what's happening.

Whether the device needs charging, saving you from carrying around an empty battery, yep we've all been there, or tracking it down once you've lost it, it can do all that and more.

As a straight portable charger the Elgato Smart Power offers 6000mAh of charge. That's around three iPhone charges on the go.

Lighter than we expected, the battery is also slightly larger than we expected, and comes with a built in USB cable for recharging but will require you to bring your own phone charging cable.


Everything is controlled via the app, although there is a button to give you a status of how much charge you have left if you can't find your phone or waiting for it to turn back on.

The key to making the Elgato Smart Power stand out from the crowd is the inclusion of an app that connects your iPhone to the battery via Bluetooth.

Once connected the app lets you quickly check how much charge the battery has, how much that equates to for your phone (2 1/2 for example), and even how hot the battery is running, why we aren't that sure.

But where the app comes in to even greater use is setting it up to send you notifications when the charger's battery is running low so you can remember to recharge it.

If you want to take things even further you can have it connect to your calendar and then ping you to take the charger when you are going to have a busy day.

It is clever charging done intuitively.

On the down side you have to remember to act on the notifications, it won't charge itself for you, and we've also noticed it really takes a big chunk of time to charge, but at least the battery does hold the charge over time.

Oh and if you lose it? You can play an alarm to track it down. It's as if Elgato has thought about everything.

Okay, so we have to remind you this is a portable charger we are talking about here so our excitement will only go so far.

Chargers are as dull as dish water, but when you need power on the go this is one charger that should deliver the power.

Writing by Stuart Miles.