Sky has often come out with interestingly designed remote controls - such as the football team editions - or set-top-boxes, and its latest venture is to partner with Disney to launch a dedicated Sky+HD Frozen-themed remote control for those that just can't get enough of the movie.

The remote, which is identical to the standard Sky+HD controller in terms of functionality, comes with a picture of Elsa emblazoned on it and purple and blue buttons rather than the usual colours. Elsa's sister Anna, Olaf or any of the other characters miss out however.

It's definitely a departure for Sky, which has favoured styles aimed more at parents in the past. But understanding that kids are going to go mad for the new remote, the company has also introduced a screw to keep the back battery compartment on.

The remote, which costs £24.99, was devised to celebrate the huge success of the movie on Sky Movies. The company has previously said that in the first week of being available, over five million people watched the film, the highest ever rated premiere on the movie channels.

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The film also featured in the company's Christmas campaign with a family animated in the same style as the now Disney classic.

Sky says that it plans to schedule the sing-a-long version of the movie that has been doing the rounds in cinemas, complete with subtitles to the popular songs, this spring. A specific date is still to be set.

Now, who want's to build a snowman?

We just can't let it go.