BBC Worldwide isn't know for giving its products away but today on App of the Day at Pocket-lint, Auntie's commercial arm is making an exception. So, if you like a bit of cookery or if you're forced into acting to avoid starvation every now and then, then get you finger on the trigger ASAP and get ready to download.

BBC Good Food - recipes, tools and cooking tips

iPad and iPhone
Free (for now)

The BBC Good Food we’re talking about here is the BBC Good Food magazine. There are other forms of food and recipe sections on the BBC website but this is the glossy one you have to pay for in print. There is a website version that’s free to use - and use it you should - but now all of that has been iPad-ified and packaged into a download.

The main app itself comes with 20 free recipes but, beyond that, you’re forced to pay for recipe book downloads at the quite princely sum of £1.49 each. Fortunately, for an unspecified period, you can pick up all of these in-app purchases - eight books as it goes - for free.

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There’s all the usual cooking app features that you’d expect - ingredients panels, shopping lists, timers, converters and such - but it’s both the quality of the recipes on offer and the tips and tutorials that we rather like. You can watch videos and learn how to make a souffle, a bechamel sauce, filet a fish and even spatchcock a chicken - which, it turns out, is something you won’t get arrested for.

While BBC Good Food - Recipes and its content is available for nothing, there’s really no excuse not to. The UI needs some polish and a few bugs ironing out but it’s a great one for your app arsenal nonetheless - particularly as all the info is available offline. Go get.

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