As we reflect on the day just gone and what the future has in store, it's nice to have a constant in our lives. Seeing as we can't even rely on time for this - as apparently it's relative - it looks like Pocket-lint's App Of The Day will have to do instead, as we deliver unto you something tasty from the world of the humble app.

So what delights do we have for you? Well it's a stalwart of the British media and dab handy to boot, as it'll keep anyone interested in current affairs up to to date with all the goings on around the world - hold onto your hats as we take you through the recently updated...

BBC News app

iPad / iPhone

Version 1.6 came out on the 27 July 2010 and it not only fixes a couple of bugs, but also brings with it a few improvement for iOS 4 such as refresh when re-opening the app from the background.

app of the day bbc news iphone ipad  image 2

Everything is jolly clear and is categorised into UK news, world news, politics, business, technology and sport. You can also stream the BBC news channel, which includes any news clips which have been embedded within stories.

app of the day bbc news iphone ipad  image 3

Once you're in a story you can scroll left to right and vice versa to navigate - all of it feeling pretty snappy. Whilst there's also the option to share content through Facebook and Twitter if you should so wish.

Using the edit function you can customise content and the clever chaps have also integrated a way of enlarging text if you're struggling to read anything.

Altogether then a decent all-rounder and for free it's definitely worth a go.