Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite review: Is budget best?

The Fire TV Stick Lite is Amazon's budget streaming stick, sitting at the bottom of Amazon's range. (image credit: Pocket-lint)
As well as the remote and Fire TV Stick Lite itself, you get a USB cable and plug for power as well as an HDMI extender should you need it. (image credit: Pocket-lint)
This Lite version of the stick doesn't feature controls to change how your TV behaves - the volume up/down and power - but that's the main difference. (image credit: Pocket-lint)
The Fire TV interface has had a design tweak recently, but it's still quite cluttered. Many of the elements of the interface remain unchanged underneath. (image credit: Pocket-lint)
Amazon recommends you plug the stick into the mains power, but you can power it from a TV's USB port (one some sets). (image credit: Pocket-lint)
There's a new categories screen so you can delve deeper into what you want, but the best way to search is to use Alexa. (image credit: Pocket-lint)
The Fire TV Stick Lite is a no-brainer if you want to buy into the Fire TV ecosystem and you want just a 1080p Full HD solution. (image credit: Pocket-lint)