Latest Acer TV reviews

Acer HN274H 3D monitor
4.0 stars Acer HN274H 3D monitor By Jason Denwood

Can't decide whether to invest in a 3DTV? Acer's HN274H, a 27-inch PC monitor that uses an active shutter 3D system might be the perfect stop gap.Although... Read more

Acer Revo 100
4.0 stars Acer Revo 100 By Stuart Miles

With so many set-top boxes vying for your attention you have to ask what’s wrong with just setting up a PC under your TV? Think about it for a moment,... Read more

Acer K10 projector
3.5 stars Acer K10 projector By Chris Hall

The Acer K10 measures 127 x 122 x 48.5mm and comes with a neat case, so you literally can throw this into your bag alongside your laptop and always have... Read more

Acer P5260i wireless projector
4.0 stars Acer P5260i wireless projector By Katie Scott

The P5260i DLP projector is essentially aimed at businesses. Upon its launch in June, Acer described the new wireless model as "designed to offer cable-free... Read more

Acer H5350 home cinema projector
4.0 stars Acer H5350 home cinema projector By Katie Scott

When a projector has a price tag under £600, you automatically want to know what’s going to be missing and whether you are going to lose out on picture... Read more

Acer AT4220 42 inch LCD television
4.5 stars Acer AT4220 42 inch LCD television By Paul Lester

In the past Acer has been known more for its success in the notebook and LCD market than with LCD TVs, but a new range looks to offer a desirable combination... Read more