Ivan “Ghostbusters” Reitman’s latest sees a crime-fighting superhero, G-Girl (Thurman), embarking on a “Fatal Attraction”-style revenge mission when she is dumped by her mild-mannered boyfriend (Wilson).

After meeting the seemingly normal Jenny Johnson on the tube one day, Matt decides to try and break his barren run with the ladies and asks her out on a date. Things don’t go particularly well - Jenny keeps disappearing to the bathroom and is permanently distracted - but the pair end up in the sack and a relationship blossoms. However, three dates into the tryst, Matt decides that he can put up with Jenny’s possessiveness, jealousy and neediness no longer and decides to dump her. Not a problem you wouldn’t think …until Jenny turns out to have a Wonder Woman/Supergirl alter ego with a terrible temper that is.

On the positive side is Luke Wilson’s typically charming central performance, Thurman’s feisty portrayal of a library geek turned vengeful neurotic, and Faris’ legs - which are possibly the finest pair of limbs seen at the cinema since well … Thurman’s 10 years earlier.

There are also some clever lines in Don “Simpsons” Payne’s tongue-in-cheek script such as “Why did G-Girl throw a shark at us?” or "If I could have any super power it would be … the ability to gratify myself orally". However, the general tone is strangely muddled, mixing the traditional rom-com formula with flashes of black comedy that leave it unclear as to where our sympathise are supposed to lie.

There is also a bizarre cameo from Eddie Izzard as evil genius Professor “Barry” Bedlam that may grate with British audiences, not least because the script would have us believe that he once dated Thurman.

Director Ivan Reitman and writer Don Payne’s lively talk-track is the highlight of this perfectly adequate special features package. Elsewhere, the pair also gives optional audio commentary on half a dozen deleted scenes, including an extended version of Wilson’s shark battle, one of the few stand out moments in the movie. All of the cast also contribute to a standard “making-of” featurette that begins with Reitman’s inspiration for the project, and encompasses everything from special effects secrets to animated story boards.

Price when reviewed:

After the huge success he enjoyed with “Ghostbusters” Reitman has been on hit-and-miss form of late, mixing the enjoyable (“Twins”) with the mediocre (“Evolution”), and this latest comedy encapsulates both.

Rating: 12A
Starring: Uma Thurman, Luke Wilson, Anna Faris, Rainn Wilson, Eddie Izzard, Wanda Sykes
Directed by: Ivan Reitman
Extras: Audio commentary from director Ivan Reitman and writer Don Payne, Deleted scenes with optional audio commentary from Ivan Reitman and Don Payne, 'Making Of' featurette, 'Your Worst Date' featurette, 'Von's Advice' featurette, Multi-angle sequence

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