Worrying about a HDMI switch sounds dull doesn’t it, but as more and more devices start offering HDMI connections early adopters will soon realise that they've only got one HDMI socket on the back of their HD Ready Television.

The answer, according to Lindy is to invest in one of its HDMI Switch Remote devices that allows you to connect up to three HDMI or DVI devices to a suitably equipped television.

Once connected, the independently powered unit allows you to conveniently switch between your sources without having to dive behind the back of the television every time you want to change from your soon to arrive PlayStation 3, your up scaling DVD and your Sky HD box.

Fully HDMI compliant the unit features support for three devices at any one time and is capable of supporting high definition videos resolutions from 480i up to 1080p for televisions or 1600 x 1200 with a DVI-D connection for computers.

Lindy also state that the system will take a cable run of up to 40m (20m in, 20m out) without loss of data for those home cinema buffs keen to keep their kit hidden.

The small (200 x 114 x 25mm) metal box isn't anything special to look at and looks like something that you would find in the back of a Radio Shack or Maplin catalogue, however, it does get the job done.

Which channel you are on is displayed via a simple green LED light and you can opt to change the channel either via the small button on the box or the included credit card shaped remote which offers four user selectable IR codes to avoid conflicts with any of the other tens of devices you have in your Home Cinema set up.


Simple yet effective, the Lindy HDMI Switch Remote works and should solve the problem of running out of HDMI slots when the home entertainment gizmos start appearing. The alternative of course it to either upgrade your television to a set that offers two HDMI slots or opt to get your Home Cinema amp to do it. Unfortunately both are likely to cost you considerably more than this unit's £119 price tag.

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