(Pocket-lint) - Chances are, if you are like me, your house or flat probably doesn’t have one room big enough to play Twister in without running the risk of one or more players coming a cropper on an item of furniture.

So it’s no surprise that the projector market in the UK is a niche one. For most, the 32-inch widescreen television in the corner is enough. But having lived with the new Epson EMP-TWD1, I’m ready to change my mind and make it my mission to get you to change yours.

The slightly oversized EMP-TWD1 one box solution comprises a 3LCD projector offering significant savings over time on lamp changes, an integrated DVD player and 2 x 10 Watt speaker system with the reliable JVC label attached.

From its “iPodesque” white casing the box generates an eye-opening 1.2m wide image from a distance of just 1.5m and using Epson’s filter technology the picture was crisp and clear in all manner of lighting conditions that it came up against, even managing to blast a viewable image with the lights on using its dynamic mode to make adjustments.

Combine the decent picture delivery and the surprisingly good surround-sound speaker set with the lack of wiring meant that this is a great option for those looking for an easy set up without a tangle of wires connecting addition speakers and DVD players.

The system does support additional connections - and we had no trouble connecting a gaming console, digital box or video recorder to the projector. In fact it gave new life to old movies and gaming titles.

The Epson EMP-TWD1 allows you to watch your projected picture in 16:9 format and will switch any 4:3 content over to this size and horizontal and vertical lens shift and keystone correction aligns your picture up perfectly every time.

If I’m sounding a little leant-on by PR babble then it’s because I’m completely sold on this bit of kit for making my front room and bedroom (perfect projection on the ceiling) feel ten times bigger that it actually is and the thought of going back to a minuscule 32 inch television sounds rather depressing.

What’s even better is that the Epson EMP-TWD1 will only set you back £899, far cheaper than an the latest Widescreen televisions on the market and not shrinking the wallet in the same fashion in the opposite direction.


If you're going to go big on Hi-Def next year then the Epson EMP-TWD1 admittedly isn't the unit to do it with as it doesn't support Hi-Def input and therefore isn't HD ready.

Likewise if you live in a warehouse apartment with plenty of space, this little unit isn't going to be for you either.

If you are a middle of the road Joe who wants cinema screen indoors at a reasonable price this one box solution will give you the big picture in that dolls house you call home.

Writing by Stuart Miles.
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