With Football gripping the nation - well until the end of June at least, the FA has come up with one device that is sure to mean the love of the beautiful game continues well beyond the Euro 2004 championships.

Perhaps a commemorative medal, or even a highly-technically designed shoe that will ensure victory in every game. Not quite. If you really can’t get enough of the game then the English FA is hoping that changing channels with a football might help.

This official FA licensed England football will control up to four devices, which you can programme to work your TV, Satellite, DVD player, VCR or even your PS2 and Xbox, making sure there is plenty of room on the armrest for your beer and crisps.

Set up is easy with the plush football coming with a comprehensive list of devices to control. Failing not having the right code in the book there is a “magic” search code option that will allow you to simply keep pressing the on/off switch until something does happen. This is all very well, but be prepared for a strong wrist and plenty of patience.

Price when reviewed:

For the novelty factor this is great fun and of course on the plus side means chucking the remote to your friends or partner won't hurt too much if they miss, however the spherical design does make this a two handed device, which could slow down the hardened channel hopper, Should you replace all your remote controls with a football? Probably not, but then no one said fun things were always a sensible and we could see it earning a place in bachelor flats up and down the country if their chosen team is performing well.

This unit was kindly loaned to us by boystuff.co.uk

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