The masters of speaker design and technology are adding packages to their already highly successful AV product range. Most recently has been the release of the AVP 305 cinemas system and even though the component parts are not that new the ability to purchase them together, in a single package, is worthy of coverage.

The 305 system is comprised of a five speaker set and a subwoofer. The core constituents are four of the hour-glass shaped, closed box 2-way reflex, AVS301 satellites units with rear guard being supplied by the infinity shaped double-domed AVC301 unit.

In each case the units have an attractive silver finish and the front grills can be removed to reveal the detail of the drivers beneath. In the case of the smaller units these are a combination of 19mm aluminium domes and a large 100mm coated PP-cone. In the case of the double unit you find one 19mm dome in the centre and two 100mm cones either side, creating a look resembling the exhausts of a 1930s comic book rocket pack.

The extra boom comes from the S10 unit, which is an externally powered 200Watt downward-firing 210mm cone subwoofer. The built-in amp has a number of inputs designed to overcome systems that are utilising home cinema amps that do not have enough channels to drive all the separate speakers. With other configurations in mind, creativity and flexibility can be obtained to the sound levels by altering the input level, crossover frequency and phase adjustment using the variable controls on the S10's back. That said, modern cinema amps will simply use the line in left and right on the reverse of the S10, so luckily the sound engineering degree is not necessary.

For ease of placement, and to avoid cluttering up surfaces, the AVS301 modules can have their rotating feet removed completely and be screwed to stands that will elevate them off the ground. This not only get the audio more in line with the listeners ear, while eliminating any possible acoustic interference with surface contact, but as the stands are hollow-stemmed, it means that cables can be concealed more easily.

And finally, if 5.1 surround sound is not enough for you, and you can the find the additional amplifier power, you could add a couple of the stunning floor mounted 100Watt AVF302 speakers. This will increase the system to 7.1, but unless you are planning to marry in to the Lucas family and you prospective father-in-law is coming around to watch Jedi on DVD come the autumn, I think this is an itch best left unscratched.


Overall the Celestion AV range is very good. Obviously these are only the speakers and the end result will rely on the quality of the DVD player and home cinema amp you have bought. I am hoping if you are considering a system as good as the AVP305 you will have had the nous to spread the wealth to the other quarters of your technical kingdom. Expensive, but worth the money.

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