Ever feel that waking up in the morning is a hassle. That buzz buzz buzz buzz of the alarm clock. Well Zeon Tech hopes to change all that with its TV remote control clock. Doing exactly what it says on the box the unit will turn on your television to bring you out of your slumber.

The alarm clock on the surface looks like any other alarm clock that would adorn your bedside cabinet. The only difference being that there are two red areas (similar to your remote for your television) on top to send out the remote signal. The LCD display is large and clear, and a backlight is there for those “middle of the night need to know how late it is” moments.

The unit has a remote learning feature meaning it will work with any remote control and television and all you need to do is program it to response to whatever channel or command you want it to. One nice feature is that it has four alarm settings; one buzzer and three television commands allowing you to double this up as a security device by turning your television on when your not home.


Yes you can get televisions that have timers built in, but this will double up as a standard alarm clock when the television isn't on and for only £15 this is a great gadget. Never again will you have to wake up only to have to poke your head from under the duvet to find the remote. Ingenious.

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