Some things are just too good to pass up. Presented by a Planar 84-inch touchscreen 4K TV wired up to an Intel NUC mini PC on the show floor at the Intel Developers Forum, we were quick to dig into the Windows 8 apps on offer.

And what better to play than a bit of Fruit Ninja HD? The app popped up at gigantic scale on the 3840 x 2160 pixel panel and we were joined by some helping hands to make the most of the 6-point touch panel.

It looked rather amazing - impressive enough that the fourth-gen Intel i5 NUC with Intel 5000 graphics could power it all. But the input lag of the touchscreen was awfully bad. So much so that the game was barely playable - a swipe would lag about half a second behind the physical on-screen gesture.

However, for other touch-enabled uses where speed isn't as critical we can see the potential. Think of it like a giant interactive white board; an educational tool. We dabbled in a bit of astronomical exploration at giant scale and checked out some video playback at native 24fps. Lovely stuff.

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