James Bond may have met the Queen in the Olympics opening ceremony spoof, and now sport a palm recognition Walter PPK in the upcoming movie, Skyfall, but you can grab a slice of his action if you pop down to Harrods from 15 August.

The premium store is exclusively carrying the official 007 Fragrance, a classy and masculine eau de toilette that Pocket-lint can confirm is quintessentially British and suitably Bond-esque, thanks to getting a whiff of the new fragrance before it hits the shops.

The scent is made by P&> (Proctor & Gamble), which handles other enormously successful fragrance brands for men and women, including the Hugo Boss and Lacoste ranges, and it has been designed to hark back to the dawn of the Aromatic Fougere family of perfumes in the Sixties.

P&> has used a combination of vetiver, lavender, crisp apple and warm woods to give an unmistakably retro hint to the scent, and we have to say that we like it... a lot.

It definitely captures the spirit of 007, including its twist cap which, in true Bond gadget style, rotates to reveal the spray nozzle, rather than hide it beneath a standard cap.

Of course, some would argue that Bond actually smells like Floris lime bath essence, as mentioned in the first novel, Dr No, while others would suggest that he smells like vodka, cigarettes and one-night-stands. We're much happier with the official fragrance, however.

You can buy the 007 Fragrance from Harrods both in store and online from 15 August. It'll cost £32 for a 75ml bottle, £42 for 125ml.

What do you think Bond smells like? Let us know in the comments below...