We all like the idea of seeing a massive TV image while we stare up at the celing, or at a boring old wall. Well, the good news is that Epson wants to help your dream become a reality, with its Moverio BT-100. In simple terms, a pair of goggles that allow you to watch video, while still being able to see where you’re going.

In more complicated terms, this offers an image the size of a 320-inch screen projected 20 meters away. It’s powered by a little box of tricks that runs Android 2.2. You can watch MPEG4 and H.264 video and there’s even the option to display videos in 3D, should the desire take you.

The device can accept video in a variety of formats, but the good news is that MPEG4 and H.264 are included. There are also apps and a web browser too, and to make those things useful, the device has Wi-Fi too. There’s 4GB of microSD based storage included, but you can add more yourself if you want to carry lots of video around.

As with other such TV glasses, the image appears to float in front of you. They can provide a 3D image too, if given a side-by-side 3D encoded file. You can’t attach other devices, sadly, but there is a headphone output, should you want to avoid the included earbuds. We can see this being useful if you want to use noise-cancelling headphones.

There’s an app store too, although from our brief hands-on it isn’t clear if it’s the full Google service, or a bespoke one. However, with the glasses running Android 2.2, there’s a chance that a lot of apps won’t work on the older Android OS. But even so, we like the idea of an open platform for devices like this, it gives a lot of potential.

The Moverio glasses are expected to cost about £520 when they go on sale.

Will you stick a pair of these on your face? 

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