Channel 4 has deemed the iPad good enough now to launch a dedicated Channel 4 On Demand iPad app allowing you to catch up on Channel 4 shows from your Apple tablet rather than the a laptop. But it is any good? We go hands on to find out.  

Download the free app, fire it up and you’re presented with a simple menu system that lets you pick 4oD recommended shows, Catch Up, search through categories, or pick from an A to Z list of programmes.


Styling is all very 4oD with sharp edges. Getting beyond this, the interface is easy and straightforward.

There is no search option so its all browsing based, but that won’t stop you from finding what you need.

Shows that carry a 16 year-old classification or over will require you to accept the T&C every time - there is no settings option to save you having to get around pressing the same T&C each time annoyingly, strange considering as every show is pre-loaded with a 1 minute advert for Heineken. Yes, last time we checked you had to be 18 to drink in the UK.


That forcing you to watch a one minute advert before every show is incredibly annoying, but the advert isn’t the only frustration you’ll have with the 4oD app for iPad.

There is no 3G support, that’s right you have to be connected to a Wi-Fi network at the moment to use the app, no download saving option for watching programmes on the train or the plane, and no AirPlay support so you can fire it to a TV with Apple TV connected on a big screen.

That said you do get Channel 4 programmes on your iPad, the quality is good enough (it’s still SD though), and you can easily jump your way through a recording to get to the bit that you want with the app telling you how long you’ve been watching and how long you’ve got left.

There's also a good range of content on their - the same as the 4oD service on the web meaning if you're a fan of Channel 4, don't mind the little annoyance should mean you'll enjoy the experience overall. 

Good, but those adverts will frustrate.