Boxee is working on an iPad app to enhance the current remote app experience and make the iPad more of a companion to your TV viewing; fortunately Boxee has given Pocket-lint a walk-through of the new features we can expect to see when the app goes live. 

The new app enables you to access videos from your "Watch Later" list as well as from your Feed (stuff shared from Facebook/Twitter) and staying true to Boxee roots also enables you to  stream videos directly to the iPad from your PC/Mac (without requiring you to sync).

Better still you will be able to watch videos on the iPad using the new app, but it only takes one click to send that video to your D-Link/Iomega/ViewSonic Boxee device.

It also means you can start watching a programme on the way home on the train and then transfer it to your main device plugged into your TV.

No word on when the app will be approved by Apple, but a Boxee spokesman told Pocket-lint that it expects to have something ready for people to download in the next couple of months, as long as development goes as planned.

With Panasonic showing off a companion tablet at CES, and Sky in the UK saying it has similar plans for its iPad app, the idea of the tablet becoming a second companion screen to your TV watching is starting to take shape. 

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