So, the World Cup has started, and as exciting as it was, the first game between hosts South Africa and the tiny, wee chaps of Mexico ended in a draw. But, how many of you would've predicted that? And how many would have guessed that it would've been a 1-1 score-draw?

If you did, you could've been quids in, and you wouldn't have had to go down to the bookies neither...

Yahoo TV Widget (Samsung, Sony)
Through your telly

Some might think it's a mugs' game, but we can't help having a cheeky side bet on a football match. Whether it's a punt on our own team's top scorer, or backing the opponents so that you'll at least get something out of a loss, there's something primal that links footy and betting.

However, we're not too keen on going down the bookies nowadays. Admittedly, since the smoking ban was introduced, you can actually go inside one without needing a gas mask or hazmat suit, but you're still likely to be confronted by the unmistakably smell of cheap lager and wet dog.

So, the fact that online gambling expert Betfair has created a Yahoo Widget TV app to run on Samsung, Sony and other compatible TVs has us both excited and petrified for our overdraughts.

app of the day betfair tv image 2

The World Cup-oriented app allows home punters to make a quick and simple bet using their own telly remotes. It's a stripped down version of the web browser client which many subscribers recognise, but it does offer a number of markets, such as, half time and full time scores (win, lose or draw), correct score and next goal scorer. Punters can place a fixed stake bet of £2, £5, £10 or £25. And that's it.

Any winnings will then magically wing their way to your registered bank account. It's as easy as Spain's route to the quarter finals.

And Betfair is thinking of offering the same service for X-Factor later in the year. Now, if only there was an app for pouring cheap East European Pils down our gullets...