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(Pocket-lint) - It must be said that this year's World Cup is certainly living up to its festival of football tag. We've had some incredible matches over the last few weeks, with the last 16 knockout stage providing memorable moments that will live on far beyond the tournament's end.

For us, we've discovered all-new admiration for Tim Howard and his Team USA chums as the match against Belgium has gone down, in the Pocket-lint offices at least, as one of our favourite World Cup games of all time. And we're very thankful that we saw and heard it on some great home entertainment kit.

How about you? What's the standout moment for you so far (bar Luis Suarez munching on an Italian meat platter, sorry, player)? And have you managed to catch the action on top gear or gadgets?

If not, do not despair, as there's still time to ensure you are all kitted up for what promises to be a thrilling climax to the World Cup action. And over the last month we've been covering the ways in some depth, so you can rest assured that all the right advice is available to you in an instant.

For example, you might be looking for the best TV available right now that will aid your viewing pleasure.

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And once your visual equipment is sorted out, you might well want to ensure the sound quality is enhanced too.

How about using the internet to watch or follow the World Cup? We've explored that for you too.

And a new non-subscription set-top-box with or without recording functionality could be the order of the day.

But even if you don't fancy purchasing a new TV or sound system, you might just want to get the most from your existing set-top-box or kit. We've thought of that too, here at Pocket-lint.

Or if you've got fed up of the football or ready you can check out all the extra channels YouView offers so you can get even more out of your box. 

Whatever way you choose to watch the remaining World Cup matches, let's just hope it can live up to the stunning start. And just think, England went out at the group stage and we're still watching every minute. That's how it should be folks.

Writing by Rik Henderson.
  • Image Credit: Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images for Sony - sony.co.uk
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